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An Idea: Providing some small funding for a yearly (or 6 month) regular coder

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Request for status update.

Request for status update.

-OxygenicOctavian (April 12, 2018, 03:02 AM)
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On which one?  The idea of the grant or the disbursement of funds for last year?

Since we have passed our minimal goal of raising $4,800 for the fundraiser, we will give out a substantial chunk ($1,000?) from the money raised during the fundraiser to coders on the forum (not including me). 
What is not clear is how we should decide who gets what.
I'm willing to distribute it however the forum community thinks is best, though my current thinking is that we should split it amongst those who are actively writing programs in the coding snacks section in response to user requests.
I think this is as good a way as any to support the health and vitality of the site, and so does justice to the money donated.

The only thing is that some coders write things that are not satisfying coding snacks requests, but creating software that is more featured and less request oriented.  Restricting it to coding snacks takes out a large part of the coders that contribute to the site.


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