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Desperate app request - restore window positions after wake from sleep scrambles

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Had my first semi-failure with WinPosSaver, BUT I could see exactly why it went wrong.  The monitors took a LOOOONG time to wake up, and even my "backup" window position loader that triggers after 2 seconds was too soon, and the OS did it's scrambling after..

So the solution is probably to tweak the code so that it runs not just a single "backup" restore of positions, but maybe a series of them (100ms, 1s, 2s,3s,4s)... There isn't much harm in restoring windows positions several seconds after wake up.. Though it might be nice if we could reliably find a way to detect when the human was actually starting to work at the pc or when windows had scrambled stuff and only do it then, just in the off chance that a human tries to move windows around in the few seconds after the monitors wake up and you didn't want to undo that.

A follow up to this -- after having an opportunity to swap out my main monitor, I can confirm that the weird windows repositioning problem is somehow related to the specific brand of monitor that I was using (an LG brand).  Swapping that out for another monitor, regardless of the connection (hdmi, displayport), eliminated the behavior completely.  So LG is doing something wacky that is confusing MS windows.

Is there a nice, easy to find location to find the latest and greatest version of this?

I've been experiencing a similar issue that has started to annoy me enough to finally look for a solution. For me it happens frequently where my monitors get switched when changing Windows user accounts.  >:(

I'd like a compiled exe of whatever Skrommel was working on, if that's possible.

I can find and upload the last version I used.. Though note that my problem went away when I stopped using my LG monitor.

I'd appreciate it.


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