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Desperate app request - restore window positions after wake from sleep scrambles

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Yep, easy to do.

Since I'm not an ahk person, I will wait for skrommel or someone else to add code to the ahk that can detect a commandline arguement of -load or -save and if found just do that and exit.
That way we can use the same ahk/exe tool both for commandline saving and loading, and also for it's current resident use.

well you sir have made my day even better  :up:

Just to let you know, the current setup i have does work nicely, just have to get everything in place in the correct order.

18:59 monitor sleep command to off
19:00 power off monitor
07:00 power on monitor
07:01 monitor sleep command to on

I will leave as it is for the moment and see if everything went to plan in the morning

First real life report: program worked perfectly for me this morning to restore window positions.  Felt like magic.  :Thmbsup:

ps. For those who might be wondering why I've made such a big deal about this problem of moving windows on wake, let me explain:  I have a tiny netbook computer on the bedside table next to my bed.  It stays connected to my desktop in my office with a remote view of the desktop..  As soon as I wake up in the morning, I lean over from bed and tap the keyboard to turn on the netbook monitor and then look to see what new mail and forum activity there is.  The remote view of my desktop only focuses on a small area at a time because the netbook resolution is so small, and it's difficult to move the view around the 4 high-res screens of my desktop -- especially since one of my desktop monitors is in portrait orientation.  So when the window positions scramble, it means I spend the first several seconds of my waking mornings barely conscious and sliding my finger on the mousepad in what seems like an endless futile search for where my mail and browser windows have gone.. And sometimes they are moved under other windows, etc..  Not exactly how I want to spend the first moments of the morning.  So having this problem fixed is so wonderful.

Great to hear it's working, mouser! :) Yes, AutoHotkey has a few quirks, but you have picked it up fast!

Desperate app request - restore window positions after wake from sleep scrambles

I've started adding a few options, check out the settings screenshot. I hope to have a working version soon.

Nice -- looks like this could become a mutlti-faceted tool..

More importantly though: Second night of real-world deployment of WinPosSaver(M)  worked flawlessly.  :up: :up: :up: :up:

In your menu I see the entry labeled "Sleep"... I assume that puts the COMPUTER to sleep.  It would be nice to have another menu item for just putting the MONITORS to sleep, which is the function that people with my affliction will need for testing.


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