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Unknown packet

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Hope someone here can help decipher something, I randomly ran Nirsoft's smartsniff on this laptop I am now, just as a security measure of sorts to check it. One of the captured packets is odd, to me at least.

--- Code: Text ---==================================================Index             : 1Protocol          : TCPLocal Address     : Address    : Port        : 50321Remote Port       : 443Local Host        : Remote Host       : Service Name      : httpsPackets           : 2Data Size         : 1 BytesTotal Size        : 134 BytesData Speed        : 0.0 KB/SecCapture Time      : 2017-04-04 11:33:30 AM:061Last Packet Time  : 2017-04-04 11:33:30 AM:279Duration          : 00:00:00.218Local MAC Address : Remote MAC Address: Local IP Country  : Remote IP Country : ================================================== 00000000  00
Just that 00000000 00 randomly once in a while when I leave smartsniff running, to that IP or others that my look up says "Organization: O2 Czech Republic"

Any thoughts?

A reverse DNS on resolves to a site in the domain.

That has something to do with AVG (the antivirus company).  You might want to ask them about it, or try turning off any automatic update functionality for a while and see if it stops.

The site I used didn't show the avg domain, only Wasted my time and yours :( Thanks. Will deal with the blocking (or not blocking)
 Incidentally Avast is installed and this reminds me Avast bought AVG a while back...

Yup, he's right...AVG.

From a handy little FF add-on that I use for tracing customer IP addresses, at work.

It could possibly be related to a browser security add-on.


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