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Looking for a new browser

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My time with Firefox is nearly over (v57 is on the horizon)...

I don't want to share my data with google so Chrome itself is off the table

Is there a browser that is/has/can do/supports

- Respects my privacy
- 100% portable (Windows)
- Fast (no 64-bit necessary)
- Lean, uncluttered interface
- Addon support
- All necessary audio + video codecs
- Maybe based on the blink engine

Last time I tried Chromium (more than one year ago) it
was lacking support for (mainly) video codecs and I guess
that didn't change...

Is there a perfect Chrome derivative that supports all these wishes?

My piece of advice on the matter is to use firefox ESR for a year, and then to move on to Opera.

It may be worth looking into Brave (also kind of discussed here). It doesn't quite do everything in your list (not portable AFAIK, few addons, etc.), but it's designed with respecting privacy in mind and it seems lean, uncluttered, and fast.

Take a look at Cent and Iridium browser ...

Spotted Epicbrowser for the 1st time from a disgruntled user commenting on Ghacks.
Seems to have all the prerequisites posted here.


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