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Windscribe - Get 50GB free VPN bandwidth every month for life

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Midnight Rambler:
In a PCWorld article, VPNs were mentioned as one of three privacy tools one should consider to combat the recent Internet privacy rollback, so this service might be worth considering.  Maybe OpenDNS isn't enough.

However, the article states, "Your next step is to subscribe to a paid virtual private network service—not a free one that collects your data and sells it to third parties for analytics, or uses ads to support its free service, because that would negate the entire point of all this."

Interesting. This is the same link, and perhaps the same article, mentioned here:

happened across this offer on Techradar -- no idea if it still valid or not -- the article is 14 days old
Get 50GB free VPN bandwidth [Windscribe] every month for life
(Normally free version is 10GB)
-tomos (December 07, 2016, 09:05 AM)
--- End quote ---

But now the article says it is only 4 days old even though it has been 4 months since tomos wrote about it.

1) Don't be fooled into thinking VPN will secure your privacy on the internet, it's not what it was designed for.
2) Don't even consider using a free offering.

1) I agree, not an expert like you but I agree
2) Windscribe is legit, free or not.


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