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Black Friday Sale: 70% OFF Backup4all Pro & Backup4all Monitor


Midnight Rambler:
70% discount on new licenses of Backup4all Professional 8 – ONLY $14.99 per license!

The discount is valid until December 2nd, 2020. All you have to do is click
this link to add the discounted license to your cart:

Alternatively you can use the coupon code NBLACKB2042 in the cart if you want to buy other
products (like Backup4all Lite, Standard, Portable or Backup4all Monitor).


Reliable backup software is crucial.  I did a search for "backup software reviews" but not once was this mentioned as being top-tier.  Maybe those who've used it for some time can chime in.

12-2 UPDATE: Bought a Backup4all Pro license and am pleased with the program's performance.  It offers all of the file backup bells and whistles including differential, and the support has been good.  Even though they're apparently in Romania, the tech support staff has a good command of English and have promptly responded to my inquiries. Unfortunately, it can neither image nor ghost (like Acronis) but I've Macrium Reflect Free for that.


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