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Grab Active Window - Slightly grabbing wider



Using 4.20.1 version on a Windows 10 64bit OS.

When I click Grab Active Window, I get a capture which is slightly wider than active window. This can be seen in attached screen capture.

Is there a way I choose to capture exact dimensions of an active window?

Thanks & regards,

Hi Ertan --

That happens when the child window is on top of a parent window AND it's trying to capture transparency.

So you have two choices:

* Move the child window off of the parent when capturing.
* or Disable the attempt to capture transparency around the border.  For this try disabling the option "Try to capture Aero Glass transparency effects" on the "Window Capturing 1" tab (and maybe also the "Try to detect (active) window transparent.." on the "Window Capturing 2" tab).
Let me know if that works for you!

Hi Mouser,

Application advise me not to use options you suggested for Windows 10 OS. I intentionally used them and below are results.

- Only disabled 1st option. It is same problem for me.
- Same problem continue if I disable 2nd option together with 1st option.
- It is even worse if I enable 1st option and disable 2nd.
- Lastly, trying to capture dialog out of main window did not help.

So, I am still with that problem.

Is there any way I collect some diagnostic data from the application and post somewhere for further investigation?



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