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Useful MS Office 2016 self-training/learning resources.


I'm often in the position of needing some help with using an MS Office product, but I don't usually have anyone to quickly ask for assistance, so I have to rely on my own devices and what is available on the Internet.
The Help files/hyperlinks are quite good, but it's not easy to find really useful pointers when you need some ad-hoc guidelines or training in the use of an MS Office product, and it's not really feasible to expect be able to remember all of the functions that one has used anyway in an MS Office product, even for experienced users - there is so much to learn/know.

So, after reading this post: Free Basic Training For MS Office 2016 Users, I went and took a look at: Office training roadmaps

I downloaded the roadmaps (.PDF file) - there are 6 in all:

* poster_access-web.pdf
* poster_excel_web.pdf
* poster_officeBasics_web.pdf
* poster_outlook_web.pdf
* poster_PPT_web.pdf
* poster_word_web.pdf       
 - and took a look at the Access one - which is an area where I am relatively ignorant.

I found the Access roadmap very handy, as one could visually scan it and decide where one needed to jump in and take a look and then go straight to that hyperlink. It's a bit like having an external mind-map or index to a Wiki on MS Office 2016.

This is potentially very useful. A nice job by Microsoft!    :Thmbsup:

So, for all those other MS Office 2016 users out there, I thought this might be of some help/use, though YMMV, of course.


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