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Find And Run Robot - Sort by _____


This is the most awesome little program on the planet!
Thank you so much for developing FARR.  :)  I watch all the tutorials, but did not see one that said you can sort by Name, Type, Score Date. Is it not possible?

Hi there and welcome to the forum -- I'm glad you are liking the program.

Currently there is no way to sort by anything but score..  Mostly that's because FARR is designed with the idea that you will often be finding results with a very wide gap in scores and you will only really want the top scoring ones.

It is a tempting idea for a feature though, let me chew on it -- perhaps FARR could basically only display the very top scoring results, BUT for those top scoring results, sort them by name, date, etc.

I was going to suggest that this requirement could be resolved through the use of Nirsoft's excellent Sysexporter, but I thought I'd test it out first.
Sadlement, it doesn't seem able to catch the output to FARR's results panel.     :(

you can use snagit in txt mode to export results

see this post


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