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50% off SecurStar products offer


Dear customer

We are happy to announce that for the spring start we are offering a 50% discount on all our software products.
Don't miss this mega deal; the offer is only valid until the 31st of March 2017.

DriveCrypt : Encrypts partitions, virtual containers and external devices.
It also allows hiding your data into music files.

DCPP: Full disk encryption with pre-boot authentication.  Only starts Windows after entering the correct password. Allows simulating a broken hard disk or if you are somehow forced to reveal the password, it can present fake (prepared) information to the attacker.

SurfSolo: Encrypts all your internet traffic, hides your real IP address and comes with an anonymous email account. This is useful if you use public WIFI networks or for anonymous TOR downloads.

ShareCrypt: Encrypts files on servers, NAS, or in the cloud and allows the simultaneous access and use of the data by multiple (authorized) users.

PhoneCrypt: Allows encrypted phone calls and text messaging from your Android and iPhone.

Your -50% Discount Coupon:   SPRING2017

To take advantage of the special offer, please enter the above coupon, during the order process at checkout

Protect your data and stay safe !

Best regards

Your SecurStar team


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