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I Think I did

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One way may be in the moment of the task creation.
If is dependent of one or several or if is independent.


I am taking a look at TaskArchitect

Perhaps I want something like that. A task solver expressing all relations.

I think another possibility is a tree of options that you can't open a branch while a dependent task is pending.

I don't need time tracking for the occasion.

Best Regards

Natara Bonsai (desktop version), if you can convince the owner to sell you a license.
-dr_andus (March 17, 2017, 08:47 PM)
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I think is very simple.
Perhaps managing levels. All independents tasks are level 1. You can do in every moment. Level two shows tasks depending of another task (1)
Level Three shows more dependency , because we need solve two task before we can do, etc.


edited : 18.03.2017.13.07 . Project or task may be level 0, subproject is independent is level 1

edited : dynamic workflow not only in sequence mode. There are many ways to solve a project not only one.
I dream a workflow modified according to my preferences in steps when possible : independent or dependent tasks...


I'm not sure if I'm following what you're after. Maybe Flying Logic?

P.S. It looks like InfoQube can also do task dependencies and Gantt charts.


InfoQube designer here...

IQ has 2 built-in methods to manage task dependencies. Gantt chart (MS Project-like) and IQ's own method

Check out this doc page describing IQ's own method:

I'll update it with Gantt chart dependencies


...I'll update it with Gantt chart dependencies...
-PPLandry (March 19, 2017, 03:18 PM)
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Impressive.    :Thmbsup:


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