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Extracting paragraphs from a word file (doc, rtf, docx)

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Convert Multiple PDF Files to Word Format
By Dean Longley — April 05, 2013
This guided Action converts multiple PDF files into MS Word documents.

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This acrobat action works very well. We can process a folder with pdf files to docx files with ease.

Why ? Because we plan to insert those docx files in the master file.

When the master file is converted to pdf we will split the resulting file by content by some pages. The pages where we have to insert new pdf files...

Automate all this in a confortable way will be possible with ToDoList recommended by Tomos.

I will accomplish ordered tasks or subscripts. This type of work is not possible to do in full automated way.

Now the important point is if inserting the above word files in the master doc file goes well or not....


The components goes well in word format docx, but the rtf fails in the insertion operation losing part of the formatting of tables.

We can try to combine in the pdf operation or try as a docx file. Nevertheless is impossible for me to remember all these operations.

BUT USING TODOLIST i can document exhaustively all the steps for a dummy like me.

 :-* :P

The rtf file and the components must be in known locations for every project.
The master document is edited to modify the path to these components before beginning...

But all this is written down in a versatile comment option in ToDoList recommended by Tomos.


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