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IDEA: $$Expand PixelNotifier capabilities to monitor for multiple colors at once


Hi there!

So I created an array of 47 pixel coordinates to monitor for specific color changes, there are 11 different possible colors, therefore 517 lines of monitor coding.

I'm using PixelNotifier from this site, by Skrommel.

The trouble is, it can't seem to handle more than 9/10 concurrent lines of code before erroring out.

This is the error I see, if there are more than 9 or 10 lines of code:

I would definitely like to expand this capability to be able to monitor more pixels, preferably to 517 (memory allowing) or at the very least, around 50.

I'm happy to donate to anyone who can fix this for me! I looked at the rules I could find on here, and I didn't *see* anything against offering to donate for code snacks, but I certainly think I ought to buy you a couple of cheezeburgers if you can help me with this. ^_^

If you need more info, I'm happy to give it, too!

Thank you for reading! =)

You might also go ahead and attach an example of what you're trying to do- for better specification of what you're looking for and for testing.  That might get some interested that might not otherwise be interested.

The source code (=script) of the program is available as you can see here
(I have not studied the code, only glanced at it briefly)

You need AutoHotkey to run or compile the script which you can find at

The error message shows what would need to be added to make it work for the 10th menu? entry.

If you look at the script where it says
--- Code: Autohotkey ---TRIGGERED_9:triggered=9Goto,TRIGGEREDTRIGGERED_8:triggered=8Goto,TRIGGEREDTRIGGERED_7:triggered=7; etcwhat would happen (you have to try it yourself after installing AHK) if you simply add more labels

--- Code: Autohotkey ---; start at 50TRIGGERED_50:triggered=50Goto,TRIGGERED; all the way to 10; ......TRIGGERED_12:triggered=12Goto,TRIGGEREDTRIGGERED_11:triggered=11Goto,TRIGGEREDTRIGGERED_10:triggered=10Goto,TRIGGEREDTRIGGERED_9:triggered=9Goto,TRIGGEREDTRIGGERED_8:triggered=8Goto,TRIGGEREDTRIGGERED_7:triggered=7; etc
and do the same where you find the "TOGGLE_9:" line just add TOGGLE_50 .... TOGGLE_10 above it.

^^ Now that's rather helpful. I learned something there, too. Thanks @Lintalist.    :Thmbsup:


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