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Copy a bmp file to clipboard works only one time


I am using Omnipage Pro to scan documents and extract pictures from them. The pictures (graphics) are correctly loaded into the Omnipro Text Editor window. I can right-click and copy the image which immediately appears in the "Clipboard Help+Spell" list. But if I repeat the command, nothing happens. I would expect it to add the picture again to the clipboard.

Shutting down "Clipboard Help+Spell" and restarting, will again work once to copy the image. I don't know whether Omnipro is preventing multiple copies or "Clipboard".

Nicholas Geti

You want CHS to create multiple instances of the same exact bitmap clip? Why would that be useful?

I was running it as a test when I discovered that any other bitmap on the same scanned document would not copy.

It certainly should copy every new DIFFERENT bitmap..
Note that there are settings that control how big a bitmap has to be before CHS will ignore it.. perhaps that is the problem?


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