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Ludum Dare 2017 Thread



After some time away from D, I am doing some more. Some will be from the Dec 2016 set, soon-ish we hope to have April 2017 en route, and I plan to at least poke a little at older sets just to chip at the ice.


This thread will also have some misc notes about production levels of LD games.

Running out of time is at least a quarter of the developer experience! But there IS an art to thinking meta a couple of times in the compo/jam weekend and if an element is getting out of control, perhaps ditch it and try to re-package the remaining pieces.

The first couple entry especially caught my eye as a compo entry (not jam! I'm growing aqmbivalent about what to do with that..) that really seems to have care in the spit-polish stage at the end.

Cozy Christmas Village by juxipolo - Compo Entry

A sweet little Sim Villiage remake. Reminding people of my rating scale, it scales a bit lower than veteran gamers here. So you take that overall mood and when I rate it Phoenix-Easy, it's generally something pleasant you can just idle with for a couple hours of procrastination before you Get Serious again.

I didn't find any lose conditions, there's no timers and things you lose if you're too slow, and not all that much complexity.

I'm fuzzy on terms, but graphics are some sort of "2.5", 2d with a perspective angle shift, as opposed to "3D" with all the blocky rendering people are experimenting with lately.

Browser note - not all the little settings on my new-ish machine are tuned yet, but currently I am getting errors Unity stuff is unsupported at best in Pale Moon browser, and it suggests downloading the full Firefox.

This is my first completed villiage. I am pleased I had a sane design, though I tried to put in roads for cars but that wasn't clear if that was any better than sidewalks.

So I could optimize the exact placing, but it was netting positive cash per day and letting it sit over night yielded several million into the treasury.

Ludum Dare 2017 Thread

Super Crash Box by Drury

A cute little game that seems to combine portions of three genres - platforming, sliding blocks, and your choice of a third.

(Shell post)
(This means I am using it as partial work / placeholder and plan to add to it.)

Here is one of the official LD entry pics, and about where I began to have trouble. The YEP boxes are explosive on a 3 second timer and the LOL boxes are (mostly) fatal, but you can get rid of them (and good blocks) by making the YEP boxes explode.

I'm borrowing one of the official pics of the LD site to round out this part of the post since it's quite close to some of my games.

Ludum Dare 2017 Thread

Thanks for exploring recent LDs and writing about some of your discoveries.

It might be worth mentioning that the theme for the December LD was "One Room." In my opinion, part of the fun of looking at LD entries is seeing how they used the theme in their game. :Thmbsup:

I've certainly been away from the boards for a while! And I'm in an off year for my Ludum Dare interests, instead focusing on chess all this year.

But here's a topic just to keep it all alive. This is a one-quarter energy post kicked off by acouple of comments and a Linus Torvalds style "ream men use the DC Gamer Board as a backup"!

Ludum Dare and themes:

It's a running inside joke, that because each "episode" of Ludum Dare game making competition has a loose theme, sometimes some "bad" themes show up... 75% of the time! So everyone whines for an hour about the bad theme then gets down to work.

but I think we had a pretty good one for April's entry of "Small World", especially for my gaming style.

I retired from serious gaming right about the advent of 3d and multi-player. But "small world" seems to have a narrow enough mood to it that my "snap" strategy forming style can sometimes lock on.

I haven't yet made a serious dent in the April set. And I think they just finished the August event and I have NO idea what that one even was!

But a fun entry from April is so relaxing, because it's on a queue-idle system, and no lose condition.

So you can just set up your dirigibles to move your supplies, and it's actually so soothing for me it has potential as a sort of meditation!

Maybe ion a medium short while I'll do a full posit on it with pics and things.


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