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TaskLog v1.1 - Small bug and an improvement or 2...

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Hey Skrommel,

Just started trying out this little util (to monitor just how much time I waste on various activities during the day), and noticed a few things...

1) The tool tip on the system tray seems to be one item behind. Eg I am currently 'Surfing' but my tool tip reads 'Still working on task PAUSED for 0 minutes?'

2) When I add new tasks in the settings I have to quit the util and rerun to see the tasks on the menu. Is this intended behaviour? It would be more helpful if news tasks appeared without the restart.

3) And on that note... when I am prompted with 'Are you still working on X' and I say No it would be very nice to allow a new sort of task to be added directly at this point (rather than going in to the settings and out again). Could there be an input box in which I could enter 'Ordering Pizza' (or any other worthy task) which would then be added to the list of choices available in the future?

Thanks as usual for the superb programs :)


Have now used this for 24hrs or so and had another thought...

On occasions I get called away from the PC and forget or don't have time to pause the log before I go.  Then when I return (often hours later) I find that 180 minutes has been logged against my last activity.

Would it be possible to have a mode where the utility enters pause mode / stops logging if there is no response to the 'Are you still...' prompt after a reasonable time out (eg 3 minutes)?

Perhaps this needs its own name... such as No Activity.

Or even a secondary check - has there been any mouse / keyboard activity in the last 3 minutes?

Just my thoughts :)


I think TaskLog is a great tool but I have the following problems with it (version 1.1):

* If I change the task names in Settings they don't take effect until I restart TaskLog. (Also reported above.)
* If I unselect "Show reminder dialog" it will still keep coming up, even after restarting TaskLog.
I hope you can help me with this!

 :) Great suggestions, guys!


Update to original post item 1...

I don't think that the tooltip ever changes - it stays at the value when the program is first run.

Skrommel: Any chance that you have time to look at the suggestions in this thread? I'd  really appreciate an update if you have the time, an would gladly donate to the cause.


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