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Another browser bytes the dust (Cyberfox)


Along with the Cyberfox 52.0 release was text of the direction of Cyberfox.  To sum it up they have switched to ESR mode for 12 months.  After that, nada.  All gone.

A shame because through all the Firefox 64 bit working/not working seesaw, the Cyberfox 64 bit version trod along with no problems for the most part.

The other thing a bit weird, the new updater apparently uses .NET.  Since I am on Windows 8.0 and do not have .NET 4.6.1 installed, after a download that took 20 minutes, validating hash etc. it comes up and tells me it cannot run because the minimum .NET is 4.6.1.  Duh. How about checking the required .NET version at the beginning?

But anyway, sorry to see it go.

Sad to hear that. Cyberfox was one of the few 64-bit browsers I had on my home machine. Actually installed it instead of running the portable version.


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