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How to print a multiple page forum thread?

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Sometimes I'd like to have a .pdf (or .doc) of a multipage forum thread.

AFAIK there are no tools available. Forum often allow a certain maximum number of replies per page only.
So if a forum threads covers 50 replies, with a max of 5 replies per page, it will be 10 pages.
If I'd like to have all the 50 replies, I need to print 10 PDFs and combine them.

That aside, when printing the pages (within Firefox->Print) it will also print unnecessary stuff, like ads, search boxes, headers, footers.

It would be nice if there a tool was available that could print an entire thread.

For example: after launching the tool, the thread URL should be copy-pasted and then the tool should send text to PDF or printer


Microsoft-forum defaultuser0 multiple pages thread

How to print a multiple page forum thread?

On this forum there is a "PRINT" button in the upper right of each thread that will display a simple one-page listing of the entire multi-page thread on one page for printout.

That is really great.
But for, regretfully that doesn't work.

Fineprint ( allows you to tinker with the output before sending it to the printer.  You might look into that tool.

Don't know . . . I don't see it print multiple pages in forum threads.


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