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placing documents online for download and sharing


Steven Avery:
Over the last centuries (of internet time) I've used a few major spots for backup.  And I avoid sync (with the exception of letting Evernote and Firefox bookmarks sync, they have been solid enough, I may retry some others in the future, like Notezilla).


Dropbox - Our little "Sinaiticus" group uses Dropbox for some heavy duty book-size backups with many GB.
(might not be the most economical but it works fine, the gentleman in charge has a paid account, others access as free users.)

Google Docs - My biz stuff (an e-commerce bullion company). We also are trying to use Evernote and have tried various others.
                    In the biz world Google docs is sort of the vanilla jack-of-all-trades.

DriveHQ - my backup to the cloud, with an incredibly functional file manager
              (this negates the need for drive mapping)
              I have rarely tried direct external sharing from DriveHQ.



We have a couple of dozen documents.  Numbers can increase.  Generally .RTF .DOCX or .ODT.
For writing, usually I use Atlantis Word Processer, sometimes Libre Office.

Short. Frequently changing. Want to make available in the cloud to others simply replacing the old with the new.

SHARING to friends and simply the public in external forum reading. That is the key need. - has been my fave.
             Folder navigation seems friendlier than Google docs.
             Does not have a good Windows file manager, but for low volume, its UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD and new version
             type of stuff is very solid.  You can tack some external notes to the document. Very clean. 

             One element is that the reading online may not be the same formatting as on your upload-download document.
google docs - ready to do comparison. Strong on its real-time collaboration. You don't really think of it as a download-upload
                            point but more as an online spot.


Is there anyone who really shines that I might want to compete with  I realize there are dozens of comparnies but I want them to be really clean, quick and neat for this purpose.

Remember, the key issue here is giving a share url to people, especially so they can download, and optionally read online.


Steven Avery:
So far, I do find ( ) very fine for this purpose, even without any auto-synch.

I give access in one of two ways:

signon and password ... they can add docs and such

Make up an Index Doc.  Give the partners that one share link.  And in there is all the other shares. And any instructions.

Even though does not have a major pizazz profile, I think they may be simplest, cleanest for this.


For pure file sharing, I use Mega ( I've been very happy with them. They'll give you a 50Gb of storage free for the asking.

Onedrive can do what you want, I just think it's going to depend on what you're most comfortable with.  I use it because I have an office365 subscription, so 1TB per user.


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