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alternative bullet-proof ways to print over home (or remote) puters

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If you want both home and remote with bulletproof reliability, you might want to look into doing your own personal cloud server. They're considerably easier to set up than they used to be. And as long as your ISP isn't blocking dynamic DNS services, you can access its resources from anywhere. There are several FOSS cloud servers that you can get and use free for the download and the bandwidth.

For just within your own LAN, any printer with a built-in or add-on network print capability (wired - or ideally wireless) will work just fine. These have an internal print server that supports all the main protocols so Windows, Linux, and Apple's OSes can all print to it fairly easily.

... more simply, PDF.-Steven Avery (March 07, 2017, 12:01 PM)
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FWIW, my suggestion for a vaguely similar question, (squint hard :) )

It could all be done in Powershell these days, eg. File Notification,
Printing PDF

--- Code: PowerShell ---Start-Process –FilePath “C:\Path\to\PDF.pdf” –Verb Print -PassThru | %{sleep 10;$_} | kill
So, in theory, just an accessible shared folder on the computer with the printer attached.


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