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Help to install a java script or similar CRGREP

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I am trying to collect software able to search and replace strings in word documents and other :

Until the moment this seems to be the more powerful. But I fail installing. So I need a little more help.

Can't be that hard, downloading now (but it's slow...), hang on

Most difficult part for you might be to install Java, and set up the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
What OS are you currently on? Windows 7 or Windows 10 (any other Windows I can't make screenshots on, as I've always refused to use Win8/8.1)

Oh, btw, it works like a charm, just tested it with a couple of Office 2013 documents, and found any word I threw at it :up:
sample command-line:

--- ---C:\Users\Ath\Documents>..\Downloads\Contro\crgrep-1.0.5\bin\crgrep -i word *.docxThe -i is for case-insensitive search

Well, re-checking your request, crgrep is a find-only tool, no replace feature, for as far as I can find :P

Thanks a lot Ath.
I have Java already install. I need to digitally sign in the web with digital certificates.
But perhaps I need a java version for developing.

If don't replace is not useful to my purpose.


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