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XCOM: UFO Defense free on Humble for next 18 hours (until 10am Pacific time)


XCOM: UFO Defense is free at the Humble Store for the next 18 hours (until 10am Pacific time on Wed, Feb 1).


Steam key.

Thanks. I've heard great things about the X-COM series but haven't ever played any of them. :Thmbsup:

Note to self: when obtaining a free game from Humble, make sure to go all the way through to getting the key into steam promptly.  Free keys expire (at least some of them do) if you don't do that.

I did the free 'purchase' of XCOM on Humble, but never collected the Steam key.  When I went to do that over the weekend (a sale on XCOM at GOG reminded me), Humble had expired the key.  Oh well - can't complain about losing something that I got for free due to neglect on my part.  I just need to remember for next time.

UFO Defense and Terror From The Deep were such great games - a shame that the series was never continued.

Steam used to bundle my bugfix loaders for the Collector's Edition Win32 port, but I believe they use DosBox these days... my loaders certainly aren't Win10 compatible, it seems.


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