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quick poll, please vote! (2 questions only)

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research around the question "what if you could see into the future?" was mentioned on the radio the other day (I forgot which university it was), and I'd like to find out what my fellow forum users think about the topic. :)

It's about events* in your life that personally/ directly affect you; please vote in both polls:

*by event I mean something extraordinary like meeting the love of your life or crashing your car, not Adele releasing a song you dislike. 8)

Hmm, it would seem to me the answer to both would be you want to know in advance of both positive and negative events.  In the first case, you cannot keep the negative event from happening, but you may be able to use the foreknowledge to your advantage.  Example, some big company is going to crash leaving a zillion people out of work.  You position yourself to sell the stock short at the optimum time.  I am no Wall Street aficionado but you get the idea.

In the second case if you could change things then obviously you would want to know in advance so that you may optimize your future.

But in reality I think Yogi Berra had it right.  "The future ain't what it used to be."

More votes please!  :)

@MilesAhead: I'm holding back from replying until more votes come in.  8)

I voted and as per Miles' first sentence, I want to know everything  :P

Are you going to allow us change the future :D


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