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sStockquotes - Weird Bug


I use sStockquotes almost everyday to trigger stock alarms on my Windows 10 desktop. But since a few days, it seems there is a bug in regards to alarms being triggered while there is no data to be triggered from!
I have about 50 stock symbols on my list, and only about 7 or 8 of those have alarms. Sometimes, I will remove the alarm from one stock for awhile, then put it back days later. But the strange thing is that some days, those “earlier” alarms that I had setup weeks/months ago are being triggered. It seems sStockquotes is reading something from the past!  Weird!

I have tried uninstalling / re-installing it, but the same bug appears.
Is there some sort of a cache hidden somewhere for sStockquotes?
Maybe you could create a button with “Clear data cache”.... I’m no programmer, you tell me!
Thanks for any ideas... and thanks for a great little app!  :)

I think I found the culprit. And for any readers who care about that software, the bug has to do with the type of characters typed in the "Notes" field (when adding a stock). Don't use any symbols, like "?", since it seems to trigger the bug. And the use notes that are too long.

I edited all the notes I add covering my symbol list, and it now works perfectly.... Well, not that "perfect" since I think a few tweaking should be done, but at least it works as it should be.



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