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capturing a specific area.


I need to only capture a specific area of the screen for all my screen shots. Is there a way to preset that area so that I don't have to use the fixed size region setting?

Thank you for your time.

BTW, I did make a donation even though your system say's I haven't.


You can capture the first screenshot with "Grab selected Region" and capture the following screenshots with "Grab Repeat last size+pos".

Or use MiniCap, specifically with the "-captureregion left top right bottom" and "-save ..." parameters. Then, added as a desktop shortcut with a global hotkey, a screenshot would be a single hotkey-press away.

Thank you gentlemen for your reply. The only coding I know was the basic they used with the Commodore 64's and 128's so the Minicap is out for me and the two step processin Screenshot captor is what I was trying to get around. Just another proof that this human in particular is lazy.

Thank you.



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