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Displaying Hints?

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  Is there a way to get the hints, or notes, to show up on mouse over of an item in a menu? I have a menu of powershell scripts that I have on my launch bar. If I move one of the command items to the launch bar itself, I will get the little hints popup. But when the items are in a menu, sub-menu, I get no hints.
I have the options checked off for the dock, i.e. "Hints on MouseOver"
Is there something that I am missing?

FYI, I love this launch bar. Its way better than anything else I have tried. I recommend it to everyone, along with FARR. The flexibility is second to none. I hope it continues to get developed.

Let me look into it -- I can't remember if I had a reason for not showing hints in submenus or if it's just a bug.

Glad you are liking the program!

Thanks Mouser

Any thoughts? Did you find out anything?

Did you remember?


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