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I have only just started to use LaunchBar Commander, so I am probably doing something silly!

The problem that I am experiencing is my list of Download folder contents disappearing before I can select anything. It works fine when the LaunchBar is floating, but not when it is left-docked.

I have attached three screenshots:

Floating.png: shows the normal behaviour. If I left-click the blue down-arrow button, my Download folder contents are shown in the 'fly-out' list, and I can also display the Towers sub-folder.

Left Dock_A.png: left-clicking  on the blue down-arrow button shows the Download folder contents while the mouse cursor is over the button.

Left Dock_B.png: moving the mouse cursor to the previously-displayed contents makes it disappear.

This problem may have already been discussed, but I have not searched the forum yet!Floating/Left-docked


Hi wyvern.

Hmm that's strange.. I must admit I use a sliding/hiding dock, which doesn't seem to have this problem.
It's probably a consequence of the dock reserving space and not letting the popup menu be near the mouse.

I'll look into a fix.  Meanwhile what you could try is changing the dock to be hiding/sliding instead of reserving space as a workaround.

Hi Mouser,

I reckon you are correct. The right-most button (shown in the 'Left Dock_B.png' screen-shot) does indeed have a persistent fly-out window.

I'll try your sliding-dock method until you have generated a fix. The problem, of course, does not occur with the Launch Bar docked at the top of the screen.

Thanks for your help - I am really impressed with the program.


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