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CHS Icon Disappears from System Tray

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@mateek: I was talking there about the stand-alone proggy Restart Explorer (by Lee Whittington) by itself - (v1.0.0.0, 2016-10-01 13:25, 543Kb).

I only mentioned it (above) as you seemed to think that it didn't work in Win10, when my experience is that it most emphatically does work OK (in Win10-64 Pro), and is dead handy. I use it several times a day, most days, when restoring the systray icons, or decluttering the system of Explorer instances that seem to be either in suspended wait-states or crashing or suspected as being involved in other apps waiting/crashing - sometimes along with RuntimeBroker.
RE is very handy because it is so efficient and brutally effective. I suppose I could use an AHK script instead, but that would probably be forced by the System to wait for a graceful shutdown of Explorer, or something, whereas Lee Whittington's executable code is tried-and-tested and doesn't usually mess about or get blocked by the System.

Sometimes, I feel that Windows 10 is a bit like a ruddy state bureaucracy that perpetuates and protects itself if citizens try to justifiably interfere in or shut down a state department's operation that is failing - it won't easily permit User control under such circumstances. We know where that gets us. RE is like the Epsom Salts for Windows 10.

Having said that, I have searched website, and found that Whittington's software contributions would seem to have been expunged from mention, though an old "contributor profile" of his remains.
I just now got the UWC v1.0.1.0 (2011-11-26) Setup.exe from my Archives and installed it under C:\UTIL\...
That installed without hitch.
UAC is turned OFF on my system, but on your system you might see a warning from Windows when you activate the installer. If that happens, then just click on the "more" button and you should then be given the option to run the installer anyway (I think).
The standalone RE was in the installed folder "Tools". That is the file I am talking about.
I recall that some time back I had not needed UWC as it had become obsolete (left behind by newer Windows versions and other newer/better Windows-tweaking software) - but RE remained uniquely workable and useful. So, I had kept RE on its own and deleted all the other UWC stuff. RE itself doesn't need "installing".

Hope that all makes sense.

IainB  I wish I wasn't writing two weeks worth of legal brief in the next few first...Pro Se.  I'd go searching for the old UWC downloads I probably have somewhere.


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