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CHS Icon Disappears from System Tray

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SOLVED!!!: I opened up CH+S on my laptop, saw the hotkey for Show/Hide CHS Window is <CTRL><ALT><W>.  CH+S popped right up.  Hope this helps someone.
-mateek (December 11, 2017, 11:02 AM)
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did the taskbar icon then display correctly?

tomos, glad you asked.  When I saw your question I realized I hadn't tried closing it and reopening it. I closed the CH+S window, and it disappeared from the tray.  I went in to the Task Manager, but before trying  <CTRL><ALT><W> I did an End task, (maybe a lucky mistake) restarted CH+S, saw a message from Windows saying CH+S 'updating' something and then one saying it's 'ready and activated'.  Now it's back in the tray and looking good.


@mateek: ...but went to try "Restart Explorer by Lee Whittington - it's part of Ultimate Windows Customizer" suggested by IainB but it says it won't run on Windows 10 Pro after I install ...
-mateek (December 11, 2017, 11:02 AM)
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No, it still works fine under Win10-64 Pro (with latest current version updates).
By the way, it doesn't need "installing". I just copied the stand-alone executable into the folder where I keep my "portable" proggies: the C:\UTIL\ directory. I set it to run as Administrator (see the file Properties --> Compatibility), and it works a treat.
I usually never deliberately put what I consider to be my "portable" proggies into Windows' "Program Files" folders, as I wish to avoid the dead hand of the Windows user access control system settings taking control - which is probably what you have experienced and why RE won't work for you right now.

IainB I must be doing something wrong but when I used your link the page had a link to screenshots of the installation  here.  When I downloaded I got a .zip with "UWC Setup.exe" inside and nothing that looks like it could stand-alone.  Maybe I missed another download link on the page?  Or are you thinking of a stand-alone of Restart Explorer by Lee Whittington by itself?

Also, I have an SSD with my Windows installation and a few programs, and a separate hard drive where I installed UWC.  Shouldn't that be separate enough from 'access control system settings?'

I had a strong feeling if I used the compatibility properties I would have had it running.  I don't mean to disparage Restart Explorer or Ultimate Windows Customizer.  UWC has been very good to me in the past.  I just don't need it now that I've got CH+S running properly.  I would recommend UWC to anyone from personal experience.


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