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bug? if $$1 contains \t then it is expanded to TAB (please disable this)


I think I finally found the cause
why some aliases containing '$$1' to the left or the right of the '|'  in the results window
not always work as expected.

Apparently \t and similar characters combinations like \n are expanded to tab and newline respectively.

However these character combinations can be part of a path like c:\tiddlywiki\newversion\last

test case using the paste command (inserts text in last active window) this is the only command that shows the strange effect all other commands do not give any output.

Create an alias with the following result

demo  | paste "$$1"

and the regular expression


Save the alias.

Now open a new notepad (needed for the paste command to work)

THEN reopen(!) FARR and type


Which matches the regular expression ^==(.+)

Go to the demo alias in the results window using your mouse or cursorkeys.
In the information bar it shows

paste "c:\tiddlywiki\newversion\last"

expected result in Notepad window


However result in Notepad looks like

"c:   iddlywiki

Feature request: Can you please disable expansion of the character combinations when they are part of $$1, $$c .
#filecontents has the same problem, I assume this uses the same programcode.

BTW $$u# work as expected, so no change there ;-)


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