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some comments after using some of the programs

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Some people swear that WeatherBug is spyware.  I know that claim is made a lot of the time when it's total bullshit (because people are idiots), but I can't say one way or the other, from experience.

installing weatherbug requires filling out tons of annoying stuff - it's the kind of ad-based app that i would normally stay away from.

This is bad enough for me:

If you have chosen to install the WeatherBug Browser Bar


The Software, in the course of processing a given search query, sends a request to our servers. This request includes the keyword query, time of day, browser type, default language setting, IP address, an anonymous unique ID, and a code which identifies the distribution source of the Software used by you to conduct your search.
--- End quote ---

I'm still wandering around reading posts, and just saw this subject....I also saw the warning about topic not being posted for at least 120 days, consider starting a new topic.... but didn't think I should for this one post.

I've been happy with Weather Depot for at least 2 years

NO pop up advertisements or spyware ...........(I think there were some ads that would appear in the program, but my ad blocker kept 'em away)
Local hour-by-hour forecasts
Local radar loops
Real-time severe weather notification
Personal forecast alerts ........................( I think that's part of the paid version)
Scrolling weather ticker like TV
Current weather on your taskbar

it's pretty customizable so you don't have to see tickers, taskbar readings, etc. Once you have it installed, you can unlock the paid functions for 15 days just by clicking a button. Does what I need in the free section. I don't remember even having to register it.

Unfortunately, I can't use it anymore because I changed M$ Windows resolution to slightly more than 96DPI, and it balked about that when starting.......Guess that's what happens when you get a 19" LCD running 1280x1024 and your eyes start laughing at want us to see WHAT?

I've not found one that works for me yet, so I appreciate running into this thread.
I have glitches gazoo with weather bug, and hunting though!
Karly =0)


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