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some comments after using some of the programs

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Previously, I only knew about Weatherbug, and that isn't something I want to install.

I recently installed the desktop and it was ok...but it started causing problems when shutting down Windows. So I am on the hunt for a replacement.

I think I am going to give Weather Watcher a try after reading what everyone had to say about it.

btw...if you are a Weatherbug user, you might want to know about Leopard...a simple programming language for beginners & children that uses the Weatherbug API.

The original Leopard version didn't rely on Weatherbug and was pretty cool. It let you create things like your own mp3 player or a browser. And could compile stand alone Windows applications with it.

The developer, Brandon Watts, began the Leopard project when he was just 14 years old. He is very dedicated to it and plans to continue it for many years to come.

It is currently used in many schools to introduce children to the wonderful world of programming, in a fun way.

Take a look at the catalog of user submitted programs.

He does have plans to bring back the ability to compile, in the new version, but he wants beginners to concentrate more on program creation than executable creation, for now.

If you are a Weatherbug user and ever wanted to learn programming but thought it was too hard, and you are afraid you aren't ready for something like AHK, give Leopard a try. It will be a good beginning. Then when you are ready, move on to something a lot more powerful, but still simple, like AHK.  :)

My comment isn't really about a weather program per se, it is to mention my favorite weather site.  Many years ago I found the University of Michigan's weather site.  Its called "Weather Underground" and has a ton of weather-related information as well as access to just about any kind of weather map as well as the ability to show storm movement over the past hour, two hours or longer.  Merely type in your zip code and it will show your current weather as well as a five day forecast that you can break down to hourly forecasts.  I have it as one of my start pages and in thirteen years of surfing I've never found a better site.  Best yet, for a small fee you can join Weather Underground and never see an ad.  Here's the site:    One other thing, if you visit the site and like what you see, I can give you a year's free membership.  Just leave me a message with your email address and I'll send you a membership.


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