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Error 11004


Hello, I use T-Clock to synchronize the time with SNTP over the Internet.
Error 11004

But when I am with my laptop am on the road I have no Internet.
Then this error message always comes.
Error 11004
Is it possible to start SNTP without error message, if I am offline?
For example: Clock.exe / sync / noerror

is your SNTP set to display a message box or log to a file?

I haven't checked the code yet, but if it's really not possible by now, I'm gonna add it at some point because I've always planed to add automatic syncing to T-Clock (I'm using a full blown NTP client that runs once after boot, delayed by 30 seconds to allow the system to startup... but I'd prefer some automatic way that does this on "idle")

That would be very nice.
Thank you for the fast answer.
I'm looking forward to the new version.

P.S. Super would also be a language.ini for different languages


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