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AI Assistant is just selling gimmick

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Every big software house is making an AI Assistant; Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant etc.  As I understand, they answer or try to answer your queries. One has to speak and not type, his / her queries. So far so good.

Since most people walk with mobiles now, why I am not hearing them shouting or even whispering to their mobiles or laptops on a table ?  :huh:

Everybody is typing with thumbs or fingers but none is talking. Everybody is searching Google, Bing etc. but none is asking for it. So I am wondering if all the hullabulla around these so called AI assistant is just selling gimmick and have no practical use !

I do not find myself comfortable in talking to a 'software' and maybe true for the rest.



Since the assistants are constantly on the ready, it's just another way to monitor everything you say, with your consent. :P

All I know is that my daughter is constantly annoying her phone when she says "SIRIously."  ;D

I have no desire to talk to my computer, I prefer to type.  And I don't use a mobile device often.

Having said that, I have a friend who does use the voice thing with his mobile phone and can tell you without a doubt that asking your phone google to search for something using your voice is about 20x faster than typing it in.

When it works, and it works most of the time -- it can be a huge time saver on a mobile device.

On a full keyboard I'd rather just type, but for a small mobile phone or tablet -- voice searching is much more efficient.

I tend to feel stupid talking to a machine, but maybe that's just me... :-[

When using my phone as an organizer it's easier to speak than to type.

In my workshop, or in my garage, it's a relief not to have to stop and clean my hands in order to take notes or work out, for example, what is 4'6" divided into 9 equal segments allowing for kerf, or how much torque to apply to the head bolts.

So, for me, AI plays a useful role in handling non-sensitive information on the fly.


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