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Prevent screen lock



I am using a remote computer with very limited abilities due to strict administration and I want to prevent it from locking its screen.

Is there a way to do that?

I was thinking to open Internet Explorer and visit a website that will somehow do something periodically to prevent standby?

Or is there any other solution?


What software are you using to access the remote machine?  Perhaps it has a "keep alive" function built in.  Otherwise you may be able to use something that sends a mouse movement and/or clicks some empty spot on the remote desktop.  I haven't used remote desktop type software but I am sure this issue comes up.  There is likely a simple solution.

Is there an online forum for the software you are using?  If so somebody there likely posted an elegant method if there is not a built-in command.

You have tools that mimic mouse movements and/or key-presses to prevent the lock screen from appearing. 'Caffeine' is such a tool. To my knowledge it is freeware and doesn't require installation.

But be advised, remote connections can still be dropped if there is no activity for a certain amount of time. This 'certain amount of time' is configured by the admin that enabled the remote connection for you. It should be possible to ask this admin to give your user account more of this 'certain amount of time', if you need this. Don't expect too much though, idle remote connections are a possibly huge security breach, definitely a bandwidth drain and costly (license-wise) if you connect remotely to Windows Server 2008/2012/2016.


The problem is that I cannot install any software! Even right click on desktop has been disabled!

Then don't copy it to the desktop?

Caffeine does not require installation, just copy it to a location where your user has write access and run it from there. Nothing more is necessary (for Caffeine to do its job, I mean).

Who is still using that method of doing things on the desktop? Next time you tell me that you use the trashcan to "store" and "retrieve" files too.
My dual monitor setup has only the trashcan icon on it, so you could call me prejudiced...

Besides all of the above, if your user account on the remote computer is so limited in what it is allowed to do, why would you even want to keep the remote connection open for longer than the allotted time?


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