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FARR updates ?

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Hi mouser,

Is there any news regarding FARR upcoming release ?

I cannot wait anymore !!!!  :D

Please give us some updates  :Thmbsup:

I apologize for the delays.. Ok I will endeavor to get out an update this week, and get back into the swing of more regular updates. Promise! :up:

Ok I will endeavor to get out an update this week, and get back into the swing of more regular updates. Promise! :up:
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Sounds great !!!!

no need to apologize mouser, it's just that I would like to keep your innerfire for FARR alive :-*
because FARR is a MUCH needed software and IMHO your best software

Don't hesitate to ask me when you need some beta testing ;)

Filipe Meira Castro:
FARR is more than really, really great and it can be even better with a few upgrades in place!

Wishlist items, from other users, under: ("FARR V3 Discussion"):

My updated wishlist:
01. Launch file, Keep FARR opened and Continue searching! - "ctrl+dbl click" launches the file and keeps FARR opened but it should also keep populating results! (not all results are populated instantaneously)
02. Content Search - search for text inside .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt!
03. Ignore "accents" - add functionality to search accented and not accented files at once (search for "dinamico" and return both "dinĂ¢mico.doc" and "dinamico.txt") - it's quite unpredicted when filenames have accents or not and therefore easy to miss a search.
04. Fuzzy search - so that it may find results that are mistyped.
05. Multithread all searching - to eliminate the occasional delays people experience during searching [from Mouser]
06. Launch file and keep FARR opened but avoid safe-mode - "ctrl+dbl click" is opening apps like word and adobe pdf in safe mode - the shortcut could be changed for "shift+dbl click" or middle mouse button
07. Drag and Drop from desktop into FARR search folder - Drag and drop a file from the desktop into a FARR folder, that is shown on FARR search results, could copy/move the file into that folder (right mouse button drag and drop could open context menu - same as between normal windows folders!)
08. Drag and Drop from FARR into desktop with right click - Drag and drop a file from FARR into the desktop with right mouse button should have the same type of functionality as between windows folders (showing context menu).
09. Rename functionality - "Right click\Shell Context Menu\Rename" does not work! Add rename possibility to FARR!
10. Improved Right Click Context menu - add option to combine "ShellContext Menu" with "FARRContext Menu" - or "ShellContext" submenu could open with mouse-over (same as the "Add to Group Alias" submenu)
11. Indexing - always handy to have a faster system and be able to avoid being so picky with the amount of configured search folders!
12. Costume filetype launcher - option to override Windows settings and to use a costume application to launch files (by use of relative path)
13. Cross-platform - add macOS and Linux support!
14. Allow FARR searching while options window is open - This makes testing easier [from Nod5]
15. Ability to search settings page - "unreal commander" has this in a nice way, maybe something similar in FARR!
16. Bring FARR to front when relaunching FARR - Bring FARR to front and avoid message "Only one copy of FARR at the same time" - same as with your SSC app.
17. Toolbar shortcut items with costume icon - add option to select a specific icon instead of using the builtin .exe icon - could be handy to assign an icon to batch file as well!.
18. Double hotkey to start FARR - start FARR hitting twice a hotkey like ctrl, shift or space
19. Toolbar shortcut items with relative path are not showing the icon - "..\Winamp Lite\winamp.exe" launches winamp but it does not show the winamp.exe icon while "c:\sw\Winamp Lite\winamp.exe" does! (it does show relative path icons if FARR is restarted but it will remove them again when clicking "Configure Toolbar" and "OK")
20. Include hotkey text on context menu items - the text "Launch and stay open" should be renamed to "Launch and stay open [CTRL dbl Clk]"

Have a great day

Should be on top of your list to make FARR more compatible with new computers...
1) update FARR to make it DPI aware (, more and more computers are high-dpi and FARR is not running well on those...
2) update FARR to make it windows 10 universal app aware...
what I do for now is to create .ahk files which run windows apps protocols, for instance I have a Messenger.ahk file :

--- ---Run fb-messenger://

A fix to make...
1) fix the command-line limit on setuservar (

New feature
1) make FARR installable in a dropbox/othercloud folder so it could be shared across multiple computers
the idea is to share : aliases, plugins, icons, skins, sounds, searched folders, heuristics, hotkeys,...
and to keep : launch history, troubleshooting log, ... separate
today when i make a change, i have to make it on 4 other computers
except when i change a small thing in an alias that loads with filecontents

1) new internal browser
2) new plugin engine
3) unicode

from you mouser :
The other major thing I am considering for FARR 3 is a revamp of the plugin engine.

I was thinking of adding native python plugin support, and making that the new recommended plugin language going forward.

The consequences would be:
1. Easier to write plugins -- no more need to build a dll, just a single-file standard python script file (.py) will work fine.  And I will simplify the API to use fewer and less finicky functions.
2. Old plugins would still be supported, but the new python plugin engine will be the recommended approach for anything but plugins that really need native dll speed.
3. The largest drawback would be that it would probably add a megabyte or so to the executable size of FARR, and I have to check what it would do to memory use.  This is my only real concern.  I'll post more info about this after some experimentation.
--- End quote ---

This is very interesting... (Directory opus plugin system is quite amazing...)


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