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Quote/picture of the day


Dear all,

not sure if this is the right place for my question ? If not, my apology.
Pls allow me to explain what I'm after.

I would like to be able to show to my team members once a day or a quote or picture in a popup at their PC on the network.
This can be at login or at a certain time in the morning.
The intention is to start the day with a funnny quote or picture out of a big nr out of a collection (pics stored at a folder preferably on my PC or on the network drive) from where on a random base 1 is selected and shown.

Is there some software available for this job or if not, is this worth to consider to make something like this. Can be very basic to start with and extented based on some more needs. I have no program skills and depend on the experts here. I do can support with ideas on this however how it may look like.

Thanks in advance.

hi RainrooM
mouser has two apps that might help:

Popup Wisdom
which pops up a quote at timed intervals from the system tray e.g. here from my setup:

Quote/picture of the day

Multi Photo Quotes
which he describes as the *elegant* screensaver that combines images with quotes.
(I havent used Multi Photo Quotes myself so cant say much about it.)

I think the original idea of letting a central manager set the quote is a nice one.  could be done simply by having the central manager (or as many people as you want) be able to update a web page (or twitter account, etc.), and have client apps fetch from there.

Thanks tomos,
for sure I'll have a look on both.

Yes mouser,
what I had in mind is a central 'maintenance client' where 1 manager (let's say me) can define the folder.  The clients at the other 'member' PC are looking after this folder and pick up 1 picture or 1 quote and show it in a popup window which can be closed by the user.  It's only a one time action to perform without spamming them.  Important is that the pic of quote is randomly taken and preferably always another till all of them passed to have enough variation.  The 'central maintainer' can build up a collection of more quotes and pics on the go.  The 'member clients' should not bother about this just enjoy for some seconds to start the day with a smile :-)  Not all screen should be filled but maybe a part of the screen as popup.

PopupWisdom is getting sooo close to what is requested on condition if there is the possibility to not only add quotes, but also JPG or PNG files and a possibility to define the 'source folder' to pickup.  For the rest EVERYTHING is in there already at quick first check.  Maybe just an option for the client users to only click away the window and not get into all preferences...  Maybe add option to only have the 'admin / central mgr' to control this to avoid users start messing around with settings.


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