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CryptoPrevent Version 8 was released October 31st with exciting new features like our new FolderWatch Protection and HoneyPot Detection, We also beefed up the number of Software Restriction Policies from around 400 to over 3500 with the higher protection levels, added a QuickAccess SystemTray Notification,updated the filter module with d7x technology, updated malware definitions, and integrated KillEmAll v5.

Exciting News! Until now you've only been able to purchase CPv8 in single quantities or our White-Label reseller packs.  Starting today you will be able to get bulk packs of CPv8 in quantities of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500.
CryptoPrevent v8 Bulk License Packs
Available Here! ((see web page for link))
New Features Included in Version 8

FolderWatch Protection
Going past just Software Restriction Policies and improving on what Filter Module provides in protection. FolderWatch will allow CPv8 to monitor and protect folders from items that match the new and improved malware definitions included with CPv8.  Customize which folders are protected (beyond standard user folders) with the Premium Version (including CPv7 lifetime licenses).

HoneyPot Detection via Folder Watch Protection
This is the feature we are most excited about providing in CPv8.  If ransomware does manage to get through your other defenses, the HoneyPot Detection feature will limit or even prevent the encryption of files on a computer.  This feature will be one of our first Premium Only Protection options in CryptoPrevent.  (Because we feel it is that good, but CPv7 lifetime licenses will have it included!)
How does it work:
-creates and monitors honey pot files on selected FolderWatch folders
-when malicious activity is detected all processes are terminated and user is prompted to shutdown or reboot (customizable options will be provided in the White-Label Edition!)

Updated Filter Module
Filter Module has also been completely re-written from the ground up using the d7x technology platform Nick has been working on.  Improved performance, improved compatibility and  more updates to come as the d7x platform continues to evolve. This will also take advantage of the new and improved malware definitions being included with CPv8.

Updated Malware Defintions
The malware hash definitions have been completely redesigned and a significant number of hashes have been added including hashes of samples we have found or have been submitted to us.  There is also a new Expanded Definition set that includes even more definitions although these may carry a risk of having a higher false positive rate.  The malware definitions backend has also undergone improvements on our side to provide a more regularly scheduled release ability automatically.

QuickAccess SystemTray Notification
Providing the ability to review or quickly change CryptoPrevent protections (like when you need to lower protections to install certain software or run backup operations.  Convenient access to KillEmAll and balloon notifications of when files execution is prevent, files are quarantined or when HoneyPot Detection has been activated.  This feature will be Premium Only option.  (CPv7 lifetime licenses will have this included)

KillEmAll v5
KillEmAll v5 will be integrated into CPv8.  Based on the d7x technology platform, this feature provides quick, efficient process termination when you can't trust the "X-button" to close a window.  From malicious pop-up windows, to sites that display unmovable windows, to programs that just won't exit...KillEmAll stops them dead in their tracks.  This can be accessed from the main CPv8 interface for all edtions (including the free version) but comes in handy the most from the QuickAccess SystemTray feature (which is Premium Only) and plays a major role in the HoneyPot Detection feature as well (which is also Premium Only) (CPv7 lifetime licenses will have these premium features included)

Updated Software Restriction Policies
The protection that started it all has been vastly updated to attempt to protect your system even more.  With over 2500+ just on minimum protection level with up to 3500+ on higher protection levels, new extensions will be blocked as well as new preventions of certain windows features/applications that can be used maliciously against your files.  Even more software restriction protections options are in planning/internal testing phases, so there is still even more to come after CPv8 is released.
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Screen shot:

Hmmm, I'm running Windows XP Home SP3, and when I clicked on 'update' to get mine via an update of my paid older version, I got this mssg:
.NET Framework 4 Client Profile Must be Installed on this machine! This is available through Windows Update [note: keeping your system current with updates helps prevent malicious items as well.
I'm not sure if or how to do the prescribed 'update' on my Intel Celeron CPU 2.66GHz machine.   :(
Well anyways, there's the offer in my last two posts here.  8)

There's a stand alone installer available here:

There's a stand alone installer available here:
-mwb1100 (January 18, 2017, 11:15 AM)
--- End quote ---
I downloaded it and I'm ready to install; the file name is [dotNetFx40 Client x86 x64.exe]; it has "x64" in the title, so I thought I better check first with you -or anyone there- if that is only for 64bit OS, or will it work on my 32bit OS?


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