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Black Hole Organizer updated to v.4.00

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Remember reading about Ema Personal Wiki a while back  :up:

My thing also lets me become more familiar with WP, because I play around with the code often. The only missing piece would be having the info directly on a mobile device but exporting WP posts (functioning as notes) to ics is possible.
-rgdot (January 18, 2017, 11:38 AM)
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The more familiar I become with Wordpress, the less I want to be familiar with it LOL

3 months is pretty insane.  Unless it has very frequent updates, which would beg a different question.-wraith808 (January 18, 2017, 11:23 AM)
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Upgrade price is $14.95, but note their version history, given above - it's evidently been five years since the "initial release."  That presumably means the initial release from Starre Software, because they bought it from the original developer, Lincoln Beach Software, and straightaway wanted a new registration fee for no change.  Whatever they've done to make it move forward, there don't seem to be any new features to encourage one to upgrade.  I agree the "3 months" is bad, and they aren't consistent about it.  I asked why didn't my license key work?  Here's part of their reply:

Your original registration information will not work with version 4, since they are for version 3.

Here is an explanation of why the codes do not work, along with the available options for you.

All of our software comes with a full year of support and free upgrades/updates.

You originally purchased the software well over a year ago.

As you might have noticed, we have upgraded our software to include many new features
and functions since your original purchase date. 

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A full year?  New features and functions?  Looks like a canned reply, but they could at least be consistent about the time period.

I think BHO was one of the first reasonably well-known organizers, and is still one of the few three-pane ones.  But the field has moved on, and I'm not disposed to upgrade.

our software products come with Support, along with all Upgrades/Updates for (3) three months-Black Hole Organizer
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-Curt (January 18, 2017, 10:14 AM)
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but now it's officially at last:

* Free upgrades/updates for a period of (12) months from date of purchase.-BHO version 4
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I have never noticed this before.-ZSchriefer1 (May 20, 2017, 02:48 AM)
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-probably because the rest of their line of programs is all about specialized addons for an office printer. "We" usually don't move in the same circle as they do: "Our offices are closed for all U.S. Government recognized Holidays"

But welcome to DC, ZSchriefer1  :up:

I think BHO was one of the first reasonably well-known organizers, and is still one of the few three-pane ones.  But the field has moved on, and I'm not disposed to upgrade
-rjbull (January 18, 2017, 03:33 PM)
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Yes, and that's largely why BHO falls into my category of PIM Also-rans.
The omens don't seem to look so good for it to be catching up with the field after all that time spent languishing in the backwaters with apparently little or no development in the meantime.


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