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1.149.01 and 1.149.04 both hanging


I'm running Win Pro x64 on all machines.
I first installed 1.149.01 on my HP desktop and it worked fine.
I then installed it on a Lenovo W520 laptop and it hung with the CPU busy. After a number of uninstalls, reinstalls and general machine cleanup it started working again.
I then installed it on a Lenovo W530 laptop and it hung with the CPU busy. I then uninstalled and tried 1.149.04. It still hangs.
All my settings files are copied from the HP desktop master copy. I've been doing this for years without any problems. Let me know if you need any more info to fix this.

That is troubling and the first I've heard of anything hanging..

Are there any network drives attached to the machine?  I'm trying to think what could be causing it to hang..

If you let it run for a while I'd be interested in hearing if it ever unhangs.

Worst cast scenario I can send you a debug version to try to track down where it is getting stuck..

By "hanging" I mean that LaunchBarCommander.exe is keeping one CPU core pinned at maximum. I've let it go for about 1 hour without any change.

There are some network drives. None of them are new as my setup is pretty stable.

Let me know if you want me to try the debug version.

That's so odd... I can't imagine what would be causing LBC to behave like that.. Im going to build you a debug version to see if we can track down the problem.

My problem is fixed. As I determined when I updated an old Dell laptop, the install of 1.149.04 worked fine with the old files. It was only when I synced the files from my main desktop that the hanging started. I updated my desktop to 1.149.04, synced the new files and reinstalled 1.149.04 on the laptops and all is working fine.

I encourage you to make 1.149.04 an official release, available through DcUpdater.

Thanks again for a great product. FARR also proved really useful when I was having these problems.


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