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Persistent download link for TipOff(comment utility for 32 bit Windows)


I see that my TipOff utility is still being hosted on Torrys.  You may download from my author's page there:

For details on the utility see this thread:

Note that at the time I wrote it, 64 bit versions of Windows came with a 32 bit version of the File Explorer under SysWow64 folder.  This enabled 32 bit shell extensions to work on x64 provided you opened this 32 bit Explorer window first.  However for some unexplained reason known only to MS they seem to have done away with the 32 bit Explorer.exe that made life easier.

As far as I know TipOff will only work on 32 bit versions of Windows or through a file manager that enables the 32 bit shell extensions.  One being the freeCommander file manager.

For those of you running Windows 32 bit who would like to comment files using a tab in the file's property page, you may wish to take a look at TipOff.  It is no longer being developed since after coding several of these type of comment utilities I have come to the conclusion that they cannot be implemented seamlessly unless one happens to have written a file manager application to host it.  In other words, if you copy files by intuitive means, the comment will not travel with the file since it is not built into the file system as it was in the CMS file system used on Vax VMS machines.


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