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Passworded gatekeeper for websites

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Possibly: How can I change my PHP login script with URL direction based on username and password?


I need a PHP mySQL Login script that directs user to specific URL based on username and password

Thanks all.

Yes, this is an APACHE setup.

The logistics are the only part that would take some doing and i was just hoping i could find a prebuilt landing page designed for sorting out and redirecting based on log-in use.

If i have to 'build from scratch, i am sure it can be done but would rather pay for a prebuilt setup based on a few spec requirements.

And 'Yes', it is the same sad story as always.

But Home Made doesn't always mean "poor work":  It depends on the Home thatmade it.

Home cooked meals are better in most cases that Mc Donald's :)

But in the interests of expediency, if someone had already done something like this I would rather purchase that landing page front end than to try to go it on my own.

Thanks for all the good input.

If i have to 'build from scratch, i am sure it can be done but would rather pay for a prebuilt setup based on a few spec requirements.
-questorfla (January 12, 2017, 12:56 AM)
--- End quote ---

You don't have to build it from scratch yourself.  How much are they willing to pay?

Come to think of it:  why not use a subdomain for your main website and put a wiki at that subdomain?

After they login, users can get their tailor-made set of links, there are a lot of possibilities to monitor users and their activities. You also have a lot of options how your users are able to see or edit content from the wiki.

See this for a nice example of a wiki: BlueSpice. Their feature-list. Free and commercial license available.

You could download their free version an play with it on a test webserver to have an even better idea of what it can do. I did last week and I am impressed. The dashboard overview will please Management and make life of contributors and admin(s) easier too.

When I started I inherited a mediawiki installation. The editor that comes with this wiki software, is spartan and requires you to know wiki syntax by heart, before you can do something useful with it. For most, working with this wiki software is punishment. But with 12 years of data in it, I'm not allowed to change anytime soon. However, last week I was so fed up with it and discovered BlueSpice by accident.

The editor is a huge improvement and with the dashboard mediawiki software becomes much more useful and informative.

To be clear, no affiliation of any kind exists, just very happy with this mediawiki extension/upgrade.  :)

[edit] added fanboy bit

Again, I greatly appreciate all the comments.  Many of them are dead-on.  I believe a solution I  presented at a group meeting tonight was acceptable to the managers  and this process will greatly simplify the entire procedure - IF it can be done on SquareSpace Hosting.  'SS' was not my choice of a host but it is what I am stuck with.

On the main website I just need to present a [button] that when clicked would open a small window with a box large enough for 15 characters and labeled with "Enter your group name here and click <Enter>".  The characters entered in that box would be used to complete the value of a variable whose default value would be the first portion of the URL such "".   

When they click Enter it would complete the variable and use it to open a window on the User's default browser to the site at that location.

Shades, you are 100% correct in the primary layout.  That is the way I designed it many years ago and it has worked perfectly for all this time.  This new wrinkle is caused by them wanting all traffic to go to the primary PUBLIC site before being redirected to the numerous private locations on another site using a single "Log In Button" on the Public Site.
The conundrum was that I have no way of knowing who "they" are when they click that button which makes it next to impossible to intelligently redirect them to anywhere.   Much less do so "securely" without displaying a list of site options which was 100% "Verboten"!

I made a good case for using pre-assigned keyword distribution and making the keyword be the final part of the URL needed to take each party to their own location.
The main destination is not really a 'secret' as such, only the individual sub-location within it contain any private information.  And each of those sub-locations has its own Login/PW gatekeeper anyway.

Since each person only knows the specific name for their own subfolder,  and these names are randomly generated, no Public User would ever get to anywhere other than the one subfolder they have the preassigned keyword for.  This way, i don't have to maintain a "master Key-Keeper" and also don't have to show a list of all optional choices to anyone who clicks the login-in button.  If anyone types in a nonexistent name into the login box, that would make it an invalid URL and they would get the 404 error code equivalent "This site can't be reached"

Doing this in HTML is not that hard.    But.  SquareSpace is not a normal hosting site and so far I am not getting very far with trying to redefine a "block" to create the the button object to do such "magik".     So much for "Simplicity".                 :(   Apache is much easier I think.

Eventually, I am sure I will get something to fly.    But   .. as always,    I found that by asking the questions on DC it brought in so much extra information from all the people here and I wanted to thank everyone for their concepts and ideas.  DC has always been the best place to start when trying to find a solution to anything!



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