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I've been using Screenshot Captor consistently for years now. I think it's a very great piece of software. Though, the help file will need upgrade eventually. Presently I am trying some of the more advanced features like the auto capture capabilities. Cant find any help with my specific needs.

Challenge: I have a  Windows scrolling list that I need to capture but it is very long, like some 3000 entries. Obviously I cannot put all entries on a single image. I need to process the information on an OCR software. It is going to be Acrobat. The list content is very simple. It consist of numbers. One single column on 3000 lines. My approach is to capture one PageDown screen for each image. I will end-up with some 60 images (60 files) that will all be converted to a single big 60 pages PDF file. Then Acrobat will OCR the whole thing and I will finally have all my entries available for text search.

I found that Screenshot Captor has a PostCapture capability. Probably useful with my approach but I need some guidance as to how I can program that Post Capture IDE.
Basically, I need to make a loop that will

1- Capture one single Fixed Region
2- Send a PageDown to the window
3- Goto step 1 to repeat the process until I have covered all the available pages. Something like Loop Until 60 iterations (or so).

Look simple indeed. But where can I get the language reference for this PostCapture IDE ? How does it work ?
Where should I start looking ? Where can I get some examples of a loop process ?

Thanks for your help


You don't want post capture options (that's used if you want some external tool run automatically on every separate capture, like emailing it, etc.) .. you just want to do a scrolling capture.

You say 600 images but then 60 files.  Is it 60 or 600?

60 images should be manageable with a single scrolling capture.  600 is a different matter.

Try the scrolling capture function.  And I encourage you to try the MANUAL scrolling capture if you have trouble getting the automatic key sending options to work.  Manual will will have you pressing PageDn and PrtScr after each capture.  Then SC will help you stitch the final result together.

Try it with 10 pages and see how well that works before you try 60.

After that you'll have a single tall image, you can then save that to a pdf if you like, and OCR on that pdf, though it would seem more logical to OCR the image directly.

Not to downplay your enthusiastic use of Screenshot Captor, but wouldn't grabbing a list of items from a scrolling window be easier using NirSoft's SysExporter? (freeware). Except maybe if it's a .NET/WPF application, that uses non-standard controls that most low-level tools like SysExporter don't handle/support.
It will save you the errors that are bound to happen when OCR-ing images to text, and gain 'some' time in the extraction process.

Yes, I'll echo that -- if there is ANY way you can get those numbers short of having to use OCR, you should.

Thanks Ath, I tried your suggestion and found quite useful the SysExporter. Unfortunately, for my specific application it didn't work. The Tree-view window that I wanted extract did show-up in SysExporter main window showing 2717 items (which make total sense), but, even when selected, didn't show any items to export. I did some reading on the help file. Usage is pretty straightforward. I tried with other applications and SysExporter work well. I don't know what is wrong with my particular app. I suspect it include some well thought strategies for preventing data extraction. Any ideas about what I can try next ?

Thanks for your help

PS: By the way, it is 60ish pages per windows not 600. I have about 40 files containing from 30 to 2500 entries each, appearing in PageScroll of about 40 items per page depending on the window size. That is a lot of data.
If there is a way to avoid OCR and reading mistakes, I sure would prefer that.


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