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Why did Screenshot Captor save my colored photo as a black and white?


I am using Screenshot Captor 4.16 deluxe. Today I screencapped a colored photo but when I saved it, it was converted by Screenshot Captor to black and white!  :o The power went off in my building earlier today. Could this be a reason?  Is there something in the settings that I can change to enable SSC to always save in color or whatever the picture is?



I am having a hard time thinking of a scenario where SC would spontaneously converted a screenshot to black and white.  certainly not a power failure.
How very strange.  See if you can get it to happen again.

Maybe it's an easter egg I put in and forgot about: All screenshots with pandas in them will be saved as black and white  :-\ :P

Here is the culprit!

Ah! Nice find.. Let me make sure that's not being applied when there is no "active" window!
That would explain the problem.


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