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So, what are you now using instead of Outpost?

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For several years I have been pleased with my Outpost Security Suite Pro from Agnitum - and before that, their Outpost Firewall Pro. Except from a couple of situations, I have been a very satisfied customer & user. For 10 years, actually.

Last year Agnitum was acquired by another Russian company, Yandex, who wanted to get Agnitum's anti-virus engine. Outpost will replace a third Russian product, Kaspersky in the next Yandex Browser. Weirdly enough, Agnitum is offering their betrayed customers to have Kaspersky replace Outpost! Maybe they just want us all to use Russian "security"!!!

Today, Monday 09 January 2017, Agnitum stopped updating the filters in my Outpost Security Suite Pro. This was announced long ago, but still I have not found anything to replace my copy. I have simply been too happy with Outpost, to import something different.

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So, what are you now using instead of Outpost?

So, what are you now using instead of Outpost? :tellme:   
By "you", I do of course mean you who also used Outpost and were offered to change it for Kaspersky.

I don't use tools like Outpost and neither should you. CPU cycles are too expensive to waste.

Thanks for caring, Tuxman. I ran without protection for half a year, so I know what you mean, I have merely decided to use it all the same. Also, I think the add-ons in my browser are slowing even more down online than any protection.

What made you stop knowing that software won't solve your security issues?

I was a big fan of Outpost.. I've moved on to AVG's Internet Security, combination Firewall and Antivirus, $69/year for use on unlimited devices, and I install it on my desktop and laptops, etc. (maybe a good choice for a family to install on all of their devices).

It is not perfect -- it's not quite as well suited to very fine grain control as Outpost, but it's interactive mode does offer the same basic approach -- alerting you when a new app tries to connect in and out and allowing you to set per-application rules, etc.

Before that I liked eset's stuff, but it was too unstable and led to occasional blue screens -- frequently enough that I gave up.  AVG has been reliable for me.


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