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CHS Error Boxes and I do not know how to fix

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for MONTHS now I have had problems with CHS.
I am using the latest non-portable version and have tried solutions suggested by the threads at

I have had these problems with CHS for a long time, but have been able to resolve in times past, but now seem unable to. It keeps coming back, however now, I cannot even seem to get anything to work. I have uninstalled and installed so many times after deleting the folders suggested.
Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do.

Here are samples of the latest errors I am getting.

CHS Error Boxes and I do not know how to fix
CHS Error Boxes and I do not know how to fix

Thanks, so very much.

Scott Alan Blanchard

This really sounds like the error that is caused by antivirus blocking CHS from accessing it's database files.

If adding the CHS folder under MyDocuments to your antivirus exceptions doesn't solve it, try going to Tweaks tab and changing the Temporary DB file location.

Let me know if this solved it.. I might try changing the default for this option if it does.

Hello  Mouser,
at this point, I simply CANNOT do anything with the program!! If I try to do so, I get yet MORE error boxes pop up!!
As for setting a rule in my AV program, I am not sure how to do so. I use Vipre, and I have set it to be allowed, but it is still have a problem, it seems, if that is the culprit.
When I reboot my computer, I  literally have more than a dozen error boxes on my screen!! I have to click OK to close them, and all seems fine, but I cannot use the program.
HELP is all I  can say.
Thanks, a LOT.

Can you try this:

Download the PORTABLE version of CHS, and unzip it into a new directory someplace you have write access, like a subdirectory of your MyDocuments folder or the desktop.

See if that version runs ok.  That will give us some clue as to the nature of the problem.


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