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Performance issue

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you nailed it! ;-)

Did solve the Problem with "Auto Move Old Screenshots" ...

thx a lot!

Ideally having thousands of images in the thumbnail panel shouldn't slow down SC.

For example, I have 1000+ images in my thumbnail panel (screenshot directory) with no noticable slowdown.

But it seems there are definitely cases where it does -- I'm not sure if that's because of antivirus software, or windows thumbnail settings, or extensions, or some combination of factors.

So if you do notice a delay when a new screenshot is added, I guess it pays to try moving out the old images and seeing if that speeds things up.

You'll find one-time manual command to move older screenshots to a subdirectory in the MoveTo menu, and you'll find a setting for automatically (regularly) filing old screenshots into subdirectories based on date, on the "Saving and Loading" files tab in options.

had about ~4000 Screenshots in Thumb Panel - saved on fast Samsung 840 Pro SSD, intel Core i7 CPU, ... so really fast Workstation (running Windows 10 Pro with Avira AV) ... but it slowed it down to be nearly unusable ...
But now with empty Thumb Panel it's back in old Speed! :)

Glad to hear it's back to a good speed.  :up:

Just a theory: It's possible that there is some caching issue that kicks in over a certain threshold.. So you might be fine with 1000 images in your root screenshot directory but at 1001 the slowdown kicks in.


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