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My Android Apps for NANY 2017 -- All in One Place

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Are the .APK files available here on DC?  Us Kindle users are unable to use Google Play.
-kunkel321 (January 17, 2017, 04:51 PM)
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In their respective threads

When Last
Feast Day / Fast Day and others in NANY 2017 forum

How do they rate "Active" vs "Total" installs?

I believe Total = ThoseWhoCurrentlyHaveItInstalled (Active) + ThoseWhoHaveInstalledThenUnistalled
Or something similar.

That would make sense, because "My apps & games" has two columns, one for (currently) "Installed," the other for "All."  I was a bit concerned they might be monitoring actual usage.

hey!  didnt realize you were doing android!  i have my eye on the list thing and the when last.


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