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NANY 2017: Scratchpad - A simple way of recording notes, with autosave!

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NANY 2017 Entry Information
Application NameScratchpadVersion2016-12-31Short DescriptionA simple notepad editor with autosave capabilitiesSupported OSesWindows OnlyWeb PageThis OneDownloadAttached to this postSystem Requirements64-bit currentlyVersion Historyv1.0 -- initial public release
A simple notepad editor for quickly recording notes.

This program is a very simple script that I use for keeping a high level of productivity. I frequently will leave a notepad window open to jot notes in for my current project, but this causes some difficulty, because I always forget to hit 'save', and my employer frequently resets out workstations due to Windows updates. Scratchpad allows me to keep my little window open for notes, and saves the contents automatically, whenever there has been a change. In addition, I frequently will start a new scratchpad and don't really want to be bothered with the file save location. Instead of prompting for the full location, Scratchpad shows you a Drop-Down List Box that allows you to see most recently opened Scratchpads, or you can type in a new topic name to create a new Scratchpad for it.

Doesn't require a full file name, allows you just type the topic of the scratchpad and use that for saving
Operates completely off-line, should not use the network at all

Initial Prompt for the topic of the Scratchpad:
NANY 2017: Scratchpad - A simple way of recording notes, with autosave!
Editing a Scratchpad:
NANY 2017: Scratchpad - A simple way of recording notes, with autosave!

Unzip the zip file.

Using the Application
Open the Scratchpad.exe file to launch the application
On the first prompt, enter the topic of the information you want to record
Hit 'OK'
A multiline prompt will open for you to begin typing your ideas into
Note that the contents of this window will be autosaved every 10 seconds, to prevent loss of data
(on subsequent launches, it will allow you to specify the name of the scratchpad that you want to open)

Delete the unzipped folder.

Known Issues
There isn't a 'help' feature

Screenshots would be awesome.  Sounds like a nifty tool.

thanks camerb :Thmbsup:
sounds good.

I tend to use Cinta Notes as a scratch pad which it isn't really designed to be. This sounds perfect for the job :up:
will try it (probably be during the week at this stage)

techidave: Screenshots have been attached!

tomos: Feel free to provide feedback, I'd be interested to see if it works well for the way that others work during the day.

Thankyou for giving us Scratchpad.    :Thmbsup:
By the way, I think you might have meant the version in the table in the OP to be "2016-12-31", not "2006-12-31".

I too - similar to @tomos - use other tools for scratchpad functionality, but I am always interested in trying out new tools, since that is the only way I am likely to run the risk of finding something better!    :D
So, I shall give this new tool a whirl and provide some feedback later.


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